Can an order have multiple, different shipping destinations?

E.g. If a shopper is buying Christmas gifts, can she place a single order that ships 2 of the items to her Mother and 2 of the items to her brother? Is this supported in the out-of-the-box experience or at an API level?

@james.fong As far as I know, this is not possible. VTEX allows only one shipping address. There is only one exception for pickup points, which is described here.

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Are you using Headless checkout?

Hi hansen, no, we’re not using a headless architecture. I’d like to know what is available with the VTEX smart checkout in terms of configuration that would allow different behaviours with as little coding as possible. Thanks.

Hi @james.fong , one possible solution that i’m implementing is by embedding your custom react app at checkout.You can do this by inserting javascript code in your Checkout UI custom App.This is quite complicated as you will have to deal with Orderform manually, but it is one possible solution.

Find the image to embed your custom react code below:


how can i put the iframe running in VTEX and choosing a port to this ?