Fetch promotions via api.

It's possible to fetch the promotions via api? For example: 'Take two products and we give you the 3 for free'. This kind of promotions/logics for discounts

@Tomas Mehdi,

You could create that kind of promotion directly by Pricing in Admin.

Admin > Pricing > New Benefit > More for Less. Then you could configure that client will get 1 product On each 2 products on cart.

Let me know if this helps.

That would be if i want to create a promotion.

I need to get the promotions using the REST api. But i'm not finding a way to get this information.

Thank you!

@Tomas Mehdi I'm sorry, I read it quickly and I misunderstood.

Through the Rest API I think you can't fetch promotions, you could fetch only coupons.

You could see the docs in:


There is no solution then?

I think there's currently no endpoints to what you're seeking.

I don't know what you intend to do, but you could try to copy the request made by the browser in the pricing panel and try to replicate it to your goals. I've already achieved some automatizations in my workflow doing this way.

This is the endpoint that brings the promotions:


As mentioned, there's no citation of this endpoint in the docs, so maybe this is not exactly recommended.

Through the API or Webservice I believe there isn't a method to call.

We will try to sort this with that endpoint.

Thank you Mateus!

I manage to obtain the data of the promotions via API

Get All Promotions


Get Promotions for ID


@Tomas Mehdi the solution that @fabian reyes​ sends works perfectly.

Thanks man, that help me too.

Vlw Tomas Ajudou demais. Já estou atualizando o dash que fiz aqui pra empresa.

We will be using this info in our project the following week

Thank you @fabian reyes​ and @Mateus Augusto Saggin​ !