Google Shopping API Integration issue - google site verification fail

I am trying to integrate google shopping with VTEX .
In order to do so , I am supposed to insert a new meta tag in the VTEX HTML Home Page .

I have done the changes from Admin > CMS > Layout >CMS>HTML Template > Home

However on verifying website from merchant account it gives the error :

No HTML tag found on your website. Please make sure that the tag has been placed correctly on your website or try a different verification method.

Thanks in advance

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Hey @Vaibhav, welcome to VTEX Community!

Where did you get the specific instructions you are following?

Are you building your store with VTEX IO? Have you tried Setting up Google Tag Manager yet?

I recommend you use Google Tag Manager option :wink:

Iā€™m facing the same issue. I also get an error with Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics

All you need to do is add the google validation tag, in VTEX IO you can use the Google Search Console app to do that: