How can I get a VTEX account for development?

I have installed VTEX Toolbelt with yarn. I can run vtex command. I am stucked at the next step.
That is the account. I want to create my own wokspace. But i do not find in the steps how actually the account is created in which I can work locally. I do not have an account yet. Can somebody please guide me to setup a test store and test how this work?



Hi @Renoeka! Currently we do not yet provide VTEX accounts to individual developers, so the way to get access to an account is to either sign up to become a partner or ask the VTEX customer you are working with to create a user for you in their account, with the appropriate roles for VTEX IO development.


Ehm okay thank you for the information. I have one more question about VTEX. Is it only possible to work in development environment or can I just use a sample store that is already setup only to test?
I only want to see for now how VTEX store work and how it can integrate with Facebook, before we become partner or customer.

And I have applied to become a partner, but I have not got any response yet. Should we pay first?

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@georgebrindeiro Do I also need an account for the Start Fast opton?
And does the Start Fast option mean that I can use a store that is already build? If yes, from where can I access this? And what do I need to do?

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I’m not 100% about the steps involved in the partner onboarding, but I believe there in no upfront payment and they should be able to provide you with an account with everything you need to test thing out and develop what you need.

I’m not sure what you mean with the “Start Fast option”, could you clarify?

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Hey George, okay. Where can I ask to provide me an account for test purpose? I tried to send a request via your website, but there is no response. It is already 2 days or 3.

And with Start Fast, I mean what is explained on this link : VTEX Commerce Platform for B2B & B2C Ecommerce, Marketplace, OMS & more.
I think it is the B2C & B2B Commerce.

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What you are referring to is not a special type of store or process, it’s just the explanation that it is possible to quickly build a store and go live - once you have an account.

The process is signing up to be a partner, unfortunately you’ll have to wait a while longer.

ooh okay. How long takes it when signing up for a partner? Is is it longer than a week?

So VTEX only offers a development platform? It doesn’t have a something like shopify, an online store? And if I have understood it correctly, I have to develop the app?
And we can access this store via windows browser?

The full description of our product offering can be found on our website, but it includes a comprehensive Enterprise cloud commerce platform with B2C, B2B, Marketplace and Distributed OMS capabilities.

You can also built integrations using our hundreds of API endpoints and also develop custom apps to extend our functionalities using modern web technologies such as React, Node.js and GraphQL – this is done through our development platform, VTEX IO.

Right now I do not want to built integration. I cannot find how t setup the store.
The only integration I want to test is with facebook and Wordpress. So how can I, If I have the account, build a store or how can I access the samplestore?
Where is the link with this information?
And How long does it take to get an account as partner?

It is a little vague for me. I do not know what I should do, if i should start with the Vtex IO or is there someting else?

@georgebrindeiro that’s things is later on first of all I want know how much time you guys take give response of our contact. it has been 3 to 4 days. is there some kind of shortage of employees. At least you should provide a testing account for developer who can test your platform.

Hey @Cloud, we currently have a high demand for partners, so the partnerships team is prioritizing strategic SI and ISV partners for each region rather than individual developers. We expect to have a more streamlined flow for developer onboarding through trial accounts in the beginning of next year.

Hi @georgebrindeiro … any updates regarding this Topic (trial accounts) ?
I haven’t being able to make much progress as a partner yet.

Hi @csilotto, unfortunately not yet. So new customers/partners are still not able to try things out before signing a contract with us. You should be able to have access to a test account as part of the partner program, however. For now, what you can do is sign up to become a partner and wait.


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