How to get data of Master Data to show in frontend?

My problem is the next... I need get the all data that where are in some personal tables in master data content, but now i don´t any idea to get this data... What is the good way ? Thank you!

@Saul Naranjo​

take a look at this link

@Saul Naranjo​

In this content, we have an example of the javascript code used.

Taking it as a basis, you can implement your application

Thanks @Rery Modas​ , but i need get this data by an javascript method, because the content is dynamic. For example i don´t need create a new form, i need show the datas that contains this tables. If i have a list of newsletter suscriptors, i need show the email '' not the field or input 'email'

@Saul Naranjo​

got it

This is an example of a function that puts data in the masterdata:


At the end of this topic, has a compressed file, containing the code (basis)

For what you want, I believe you should modify this function for the verb "GET", in addition to the search parameters, and the fields you want to return.

I hope this helps you