Path problem in a migration to IO


I am installing a template on a workspace dev to migrate a page to IO. The problem is that the catalog page and pdp are displayed as they are now in production. I want them to take the form of the template I installed. I attach evidence to try to clarify:

Actual page

My Workspace Developer:

In the home it does take the form of the installed template, but in the other pages it does not

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I am also having this issue. I still didn’t figure an answer

Hello Amarilis. In our case it was an admin configuration problem, we need to make some configurations for the IO to work well, the VTEX team helped us with that.

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This might happen when there are two themes installed in the same workspace.

To fix it, you have to either:

  1. Remove all themes that are not being used from the workspace, using the VTEX IO CLI command vtex uninstall


  2. Navigate to Store Management > CMS > Pages and check that every single page is using the right template exported by your theme.

Screenshots for context

Each line in the list below is a page that is available in your store:

After you click the pencil icon in the pages list, you can select which template that will use from the themes available in the workspace:

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