Trying to use useOrder and useOrderGroup Hooks, and getting module not found

I’m trying to use the following Hooks from order-placed GitHub - vtex-apps/order-placed: App for the orderPlaced page in IO Stores. It will replace checkout-confirmation-ui.. When I import the useOrderGroup or useOrder I’m getting module not found. Even when I try to import from another path like VTEX.order-placed/index or VTEX.order-placed/react/OrderContext, instead of: VTEX.order-placed/OrderGroupContext;

When I open the path VTEX.order-placed/react/OrderContext, show me the code below:

import { useOrder } from './components/OrderContext';
declare const _default: {
    useOrder: typeof useOrder;
export default _default;

But don’t find the useOrder when compiling with the command VTEX link. Does anyone know how to solve this?

My manifest.json: has “VTEX.order-placed”: “2.x”,
My package from react folder has : “VTEX.order-placed”: “”,