When will you stop using flash for cms uploads?

We are just months away from getting flash unsupported on chrome, and not only chrome, the flash plugin will be killed by adobe, no more updates, no more security fixes. Keeping flash as a cms file uploader is unsecure and a very bad and poor design choice. What kind of support are you giving to your clients if you keep using a soon to be deprecated and highly unsecure file uploading system? Soon, all the websites that use this saas will be using an unsecure file uploading system, and you will be leaving your clients exposed to potential security threats. This has to change. You can't keep maintaining this absurd and outdated system for such an important operation as file uploading. As developers, we can't keep outdated versions of our internet browsers just to upload files to vtex, being it a suposedly supported and maintained saas.

Please, do something about it.

@Alberto Casuso‚Äč I heard that this is something already in the backlog, but with no estimate yet. VTEX IO tends to be the priority, but most of the stores still are under the CMS 'version'. I totally agree with you that it must be solved.