Abandoned cart trigger is not getting triggered

Hi all,

I set up the abandoned cart trigger by referring the below document

But abandoned trigger is not triggering for me, I used the same configuration mentioned in the above documentation.

I also tried to access the abandoned cart in master data, by referring this link (https://help.vtex.com/tutorial/accessing-a-client-abandoned-cart--4bbXy1TlzJaiCr41xKDN4e)

In there also i’m not able to see any abandoned carts. I’m not sure i’m receiving the abandoned cart or not in master data.

Please a have a look on the below screenshot for better understanding

Please help me to resolve this issue. Thanks in advance

Hi @Nirmal, welcome to the VTEX Community :slight_smile:

If your store is on VTEX IO, try using the Abandoned Cart App

Hi @andremiani ,

I’m pushing the data to webhook, I think your solution won’t suitable for me

Hi @Nirmal,

Looking to Configuration for VTEX IO stores documentation, It should be applied.

To configure the abandoned cart functionality in VTEX IO stores, follow these steps:

  1. Install the app Abandoned Cart Service in your store.
  2. Configure the email template in Message Center. JSON specifications are available at Message Center Information.
  3. Perform the SPF release.
  4. Configure the trigger the same way as in Legacy stores up to Step 10. From Step 11 (If positive tab), follow the instructions available at Trigger configuration information.

And to configure the abandoned cart feature, your store must be in a production environment to update the Master Data fields. This feature is not available for development environments.

Hi @andremiani,

How to find that mysite in production environment or in development environment

Hi @Nirmal,

What I’m trying to say is that these steps won’t work if you install the Abandoned Cart Service app in a development environment.

This configuration is done directly in the master workspace or you can test it by creating a homolog environment following the steps in this documentation Creating a Production workspace