Add sku list in subcollections


I’m wondering if there is an endpoint that allows me to add an sku list to a subcollection?


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Hello @mihaicatan how are u?
Maybe this documentation can help u to resolve your question: Add SKU to subcollection

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Hello, I found this, but I want to be able to add multiple sku on the same endpoint on the same call, not a call for each sku!

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Have you tried putting the SKU list in the body?

Not yet, but I will try it. Thank you!

Hey friend, I had tested here and I got it!
You have to write the JSON with the SKU List like this:

For this example, I got just 2 SKUs to test.

I hope I helped you a little. :smiling_face:

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Hei nat, helped me a lot. I will try it also from postman! thank you! I wish you all the best

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I’m happy to help you! I wish you all the best too! Have a good day! :smiling_face:

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