Adding New Menus inside my account section

Hi Community, we want to add menus inside our my account section. For doing this do we have to customize the my account application itself or we can also do it through the store development.

I was trying to make it using the custom react component and than calling the data from plugin. But inside the plugin.json file we have to call “my-account-link.preorder-link” and “my-account-page.preorder-page”.

Can you please help me with understanding interface if I am doing right .

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Hey @Umesh.Sharma! You will need to do a customization to the my account app. Take a look into this documentation → GitHub - vtex-apps/my-account

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Thanks for the reply @SofiaDiaz I will look into it but for now i am waiting for vtex to approve my request for developing an app so that we can test our development.

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