Agregar un monto adicional al order form

Hola, estoy intentando agregar un monto adicional por setAttachment al order form, lo agrega pero me devuelve un error:

“Specified argument was out of valid values. Parameter name: attachmentid”

Me pregunto si puede tener que ver el expectedOrderFormSections que me esta agregando a los totalizers sin que yo se lo envie:


Alguien tiene alguna sugerencia?


Not every property from the orderForm can be changed. The “totalizers” is one of them, which is read-only, working just as information about your orderForm’s context.

About “expectedOrderFormSections” worth mentioning that it’s deprecated and doesn’t have any action.

If what you want to add is this part identified as “tarifa servicios”, you may want to work with an additional tax, an additional item or even a service/attachment for an item.

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Muchas gracias por la respuesta ya me estaba rebotando la cabeza con la pared