App that injects a script and/or a static html file

Good morning everyone! :wave:

We are an AI service for supermarkets ( that injects a script that allows to receive lists of ingredients in natural language and we fill the user’s cart.

We have many clients using VTEX already (specially from the multinational Cencosud) and we wonder if it is possible to simplify our service by developing a VTEX App for our current and future clients.

We don’t have prior VTEX experience, but it sounds like something that could be easy to achieve. Any hints?

Thank you very much! :pray:

Good morning Oscar! Hope you’re doing well.

What you’re intending to achieve is possible via Pixel insertions.

If your implementation can be completely achieved through this script injection then it is really a straightforward development.

I took a quick look at your website and saw however that you’d need some other functionalities like stock availability check, etc. Keep this in mind.

I’d advise you to take a look at the VTEX Accelerator Program - and eventually consider applying.

Best regards

Thanks for the guidance!
With just tha script injection we can do everything else without cors issues.