Appliancetheme can't create my workspace

hello, I loged in to appliancetheme but I can’t manage to create my own workspace.
I m following this course Set Up and I can’t skip the workspace step cause I can’t connect to

Hi there!

Guess here: Please check if your user has the VTEX IO permissions.

sorry, i m kinda lost I don’t know how to access permission page,

thank you.

Ahhh… I believe you´re not suppose to use the account appliancetheme.
Do you have an account? Or someone instructed you to use the appliancetheme account? If not, you should have an account to follow the tutorial.

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i see, thanks for the clarification, I’ll be on a mission that uses the VTEX solution but I need to learn about VTEX beforehand. do you have any suggestions, please.

Find out a test/dev account that you can use and try to learn the basics (which I think you´re doing).

Also, VTEX just released a document about the integrations that might help you.

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