B2B Commerce Grid Store Layout - Add Products

We are starting our B2B project as distributor and we sell flip flops, inside our project we put a rule of business to add products on grid layout. Using this example are possible select three or more different sizes of flip flops and add all once to cart. I have an oracle example of another distributor and i’m adding to this topic the image, but I coundn’t find any similar project using VTEX. Anyone knows examples on VTEX?

Are you using VTEX io technology?

Yes. I’m using VTEX platform and I couldnt’t find any e-commerce VTEX using this layout that give you the option to add like 36 pairs of flip flops once, only with one single clic add to cart.

In this case you can create a custom component using the product page context: Product Context

I believe that this type of component has not yet been made natively by VTEX

you can use graphql to add the products to cart:

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