B2B Creating Organizations

I was working with B2B-Newstore-theme and was not able to create organizations and assign relations between customer and Organization, can anyone help?

Here is the link for the store on Github

Hello @TanishqxSharma! I think the documentation on Installing the B2B Store Theme can help you with that. I will try to summarize here the steps that seem to be missing in your case, but I recommend reading the full guide on Developer Portal to double check all the instructions.

Notice that some of the required apps to use the B2B Store Theme are Admin Organizations, responsible for managing the Roles and Permissions modules on your store’s Admin, and Organizations, which allows you to create an organization and manage users under that organization with different roles. To install them, you should run vtex install vtex.admin-organizations@1.x and vtex install vtex.organizations@1.x on the CLI.

Once you have all the required apps, you need to create two fields on the Client entity in Master Data: isOrgAdmin and organizationId.

After that, you should use the Save schema by name endpoint of the Master Data API - V2 to create the following schemas:

:bulb: As an alternative to this last step, you can install the B2B Easy Set Up app in a test environment, selecting Organizations resources, and it will create the required schemas for you.

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I already figured it out though.
Thank you, Appreciate it :relaxed:

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