Browser extension for VTEX Stores

Browser extension

Hey community!

I’m here to share a browser extension that i’m developing, i really hope it helps you somehow.

Some features:

• Local Login: Set the cookie VtexIdclientAutCookie that is used to authenticate the user in the plataform

• Store Info: You can check some info about the store, like the account name, the version of the store(IO or CMS), the current workspace (IO), etc…

• HTTP Request: You can make custom requests using some http methods (GET, POST, PUT, PATCH, DELETE), and save the response as .json or .csv

• Product (Available only on Product Page): You can check the current product info and save all as .json or .csv

• Orderform: You can check some Orderform info and save all as .json or .csv

• Public APIs (WIP): You will be able to get the data of some VTEX APIs only clicking in the one you want, and will be able do download it as a .json or .csv

Feedback, sugestions and contributtion are very welcome!

Chrome web store


Cool extension, @RaphaelBRodrigues! Three feedbacks for you:

  • The VHelpx extension name isn’t that clear on what it achieves. I would consider renaming it

  • Perhaps you should work on improving the description on the Chrome web store to explain how the permissions required by the extension are used, since users need to allow it to Read and Change Site Data on All Websites.

  • For the Orderform helper, downloading the full JSON wouldn’t be that useful for me. If there was a “copy to clipboard” option, that would be nice.

Also, not sure if you are aware, but the Cartman investigation tool for the Checkout does some of the stuff you are trying to achieve with the extension. You can check out the source code at :github: vtex-apps/checkout-cartman.

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Hey @georgebrindeiro!
thanks for your feedback

the points you made will help me a lot,
and i didn’t know about Cartman, i gonna take a look


You should prepare a demo to present it in Office Hours Brazil :grin:

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Woow, Nice!!

I gonna fill the form, thanks!

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Hey @RaphaelBRodrigues, looks like the extension isn’t working anymore. I’m getting empty results for Cia. Marítima for instance.

Could you take a look? I really love this extension, use it daily!

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Hey @georgebrindeiro, thanks for letting me know!

I tried here, but i couldn’t reproduce the error
is it happening in a specific page?

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I don’t know what happened, but now it’s back for me as well. Great!