Checkout error: Failed to execute 'postMessage' on 'DOMWindow': The target origin provided ('')

Hi, so I get the title’s error when I’m in the checkout section and I try to add a coupon, the normal behavior is that when entering an invalid coupon it shows me a small modal with the message: “invalid coupon”, but I don’t get it and I think it has to do with this error, besides the array of messages of the orderForm object is always empty.

what could the problem be ?

Hello Robert,

I checked on my end for other cases of such messages affecting stores and even previous communication with our Checkout team and this specific message should not be an indication of errors. This can happen for many reasons and should not generally be a blocker for checkout operation. If there is an issue with the modal, I’d recommend testing with customizations blocked to confirm if the issue is a bad interaction on that end.