Conditional templates in CMS "Pages" (Site Editor)

How can we add additional conditions to conditional templates section of “Pages” in CMS? Right now only Date condition is there. Could you please help?

@georgebrindeiro, could you please help?

Hi, Alice! Currently, the only condition that is possible to set is the Date. What exactly would you like to do? What condition do you want to state?

Hello Mari, I was looking if we can choose the template for some specific brand, category or collection etc.

Hi again, Alice!

If I got your question, you could create a new template in your store theme’s code, and after performing your desired changes on it, you can access your store Admin, go to CMS > Pages and click on CREATE NEW. Then you can choose the template that you have created.

For instance, you can create a template for product collections, such as the Search Result page.

These steps are described on the Creating a new custom page documentation. Do you believe it can help you in your context?

Hi again, Mari!

Thank you for your response! I know, how to create new custom pages. However, we wanted to explore how we can use different templates for the same URL path in CMS > Pages on the basis of some conditions like brand id, category id, etc. Could you please help if there is a way for that?

Hi, Alice. Thank you for your further explanation, and I got what you mean. I have talked with one of our Product Technical Analysts, and as we discussed before, there isn’t a way to set other condition types for conditional templates in Pages, only date.