Conditions in MasterData v2 triggers not working with arrays?


I am trying to set up a trigger in MasterData v2.

Even though my triggers work perfectly using objects in a condition, i can’t seem to make them work while using arrays

Here is an example of what i am trying to acomplish:

If the first item on the “owners” array is not null, trigger the event

    "title": "Test",
    "properties": {
      "myobject": { 
          "type": "object",
          "additionalProperties": {
              "owners": "array"
    "v-triggers": [
            "name": "test-trigger",
            "active": true,
            "condition": "myobject.owners[0] is not null",
            "action": {
              "type": "email",
              "provider": "default",
              "subject": "Test Email",
              "to": [""],
              "replyTo": "",
              "body": "This is a test email, success!"

I know it can be possible because this announcement says that object and array validations are enabled in MasterData v2.

Am i doing something wrong?
Thank you