Configure the Newsletter app

The newsletter app doesn’t seem to be working and I cannot find the new emails that signed up to be part of the newsletter. How and where the data is created and stored?

Have tried installing the app and looking into Master Data to find the new signups - however could not find any error message or any instruction on where the data is stored.

Hey @Yunze! Could you share which VTEX account and workspace you are using to test?

This looks like an older newsletter feature that is not connected to the Newsletter app. You should look into the CL entity of Master Data in the isNewsletterOptIn field.

:warning: The user needs to be logged in for the newsletter opt-in to be successful

You can fetch a specific customer with by sending a GET request to the Master Data API - V1 Search endpoint, replacing {accountName} and {email} in the following URI:


Hope that helps!

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