Connect Collections & Categories/Pages

Hi all,

I’m trying to find a way to connect a collection to a subcategory (or a url).

Our client wants to have the option of displaying either a subcategory page (as normal) or the collection, so I want to find a way that if a customer lands on department/category/subcategory if there is a collection present, we would render the collection products instead of the subcategory products. This will likely happen for around 50+% of their subcategory pages.

Any suggestions would be helpful.

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Hey @rlocke, I think you might be able to achieve this with VTEX Intelligent Search. Check out the user guide and developer docs.

I didn’t quite understand the concept behind the redirect proposed… But you are usually able to render product for a specific collection using the /{collectionId}?map=productClusterIds path in your URL. For example:

Is linked to this collection:

Also, there’s an Intelligent Search redirect configured for the same collection:

So this URL redirects to the collection page as well:

Does this help you at all?

Hey @georgebrindeiro thanks for your response!

I was hoping to do this without redirecting to a new page & just manipulate the results shown on the subcategory page.

I know I can check if a product in the results has a productClusterID, which I could then go a fetch the details of but as products can be part of many collections, it’s not really all that viable a solution.

What is it that they’re trying to achieve with this development, from a business perspective?

Hey @georgebrindeiro,

The client likes to display various tables of products on certain subcategory pages. He likes to control what displays where, without adjusting his data structure.

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Understood. It’s always important to question the impact that has on UX and, in the end, on the business. Would that store help his store sell more? Why?

To me it feels like a better approach to this would be to leave the categories pages as they are, but create specific landing pages for different promotional scenarios or whatever. That way customers can achieve a familiar and predictable experience while navigating through standard pages, while he is able to provide a customized landing page for the collections and direct specific audiences to them.