Create a new store logo

I am trying to build a store and want to change the store logo by following this: Customizing your store's icons How do I construct the “g content” if I want to create a new logo?

Hi Yunze, this doc guides you on how to customize your store icons, such as the shopping cart icon and arrows of your store.

Do you already have the image file of your store logo?

If you want to change the logo of your store, check the Logo component.

Notice that you have to define the Logo component as a child of the Header block in the store/blocks/header/header.jsonc file.

"header.full": {
  "blocks": [
+    "logo",

Then, specify the Logo props as in the following example:

"logo": {
	 "props": {
	      "title": "Logo",
	      "href": "/",
	      "url": "",
	      "width": "180"
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Hi Carolina, thanks for the quick reply!
Yes I do have the logo image file and this way - Logo component works for me.
So if I do no have the image file, I need to follow this way - shopping cart icon and arrows of your store to construct the svg file, is my understanding correct?