Creating and calling a private service

I am having a service with the following structure inside service.json

      "path": "/_v/private/pinterest/metadata/user",
      "public": true,
      "access": "authorized",
      "policies": [
          "effect": "allow",
          "actions": [
          "principals": [

if I make public as false, I am unable to access it from react side using axios. What is the correct way to access a private service. currently it is visible to everone. The documentation is not clear to me at the moment.

I tried making it private and then calling it from the URL . See screenshot. But I get an error. The value I used for VtexIdclientAutCookie is the same as the cookie value from the browser.

Hello @pins-account,

The error you are seeing, as per the message, is a permission issue. The first thing I’d do is replace the AutCookie with a proper AppKey and AppToken and make sure that the correct permissions are assigned to that key.

If the issue continues, I’d advise checking the manifest.json to make sure the policies section has the outbound access set up, like so:

"policies": [
      "name": "outbound-access",
      "attrs": {
        "host": "{{APIURL}}",
        "path": "/api/*"

Eduardo Luciano
Field Software Engineer | VTEX