Custom Add to Cart Button in third party application

I try to develop thrid party application that is part of the store but not part of vtex eco system.
we would like to create add to cart button
we worked with GitHub - vtex-apps/order-items docs.

import { useOrderItems } from '@vtex/order-items';
import { useOrderItems } from '@vtex/order-items';

const { addItems } = useOrderItems();
  const handleAddToCart = async () => {
     await addItems([
          id: '2093362',
          quantity: 5,
          seller: '1',

this function didn’t work, debugging the code shows that addItems function leads to
empty function that return promise, noop function.

from the offical code:

const noop = async () => {}

export const OrderItemsContext = createContext<Context>({
  addItem: noop,
  addItems: noop,
  updateQuantity: noop,
  removeItem: noop,
  setManualPrice: noop,

i installed npm package @vtex/order-items , do i need to install more packages? or do something in other way ?
Thank you and have a great day.

Hi, matanco
The add Items function adds products to VTEX Minicart and from there you can checkout.
Can you explain the use case a little bit more for a better understanding?