Custom app development

Hi @georgebrindeiro , @TanishqxSharma I have create a custom app for admin , Now I want to use this app for multiple sellers , How can I use it for sellers dashboard.

Could you give us more information?

  • How many sellers? Are they regular VTEX accounts or seller portal accounts?
  • Are they all accounts you have direct access to or not?
  • Are you charging for this app or not?
  • Would it make sense for you to make your app available in VTEX App Store?

Hi, @Ashif112 if you don’t mind can you tell me What are you trying to achieve?
You can fetch the list of sellers from the sellers API, but you cannot edit the dashboard that already exists in the VTEX BackOffice.
Can you try elaborating a little more?

Hi @TanishqxSharma Thank for the reply , We are trying to migrate the catalog data of multiple sellers from other site into VTEX by a csv or json
means we have a csv in which we have product data of multiple sellers , we want to create or insert all product into there sellers account. for that i have create custom app and want to create an api to insert all data into VTEX site.

@georgebrindeiro thanks for the reply
1->Around 90 sellers (30 of them are Shopify stores). At the moment they would be VTEX accounts - Seller portal is not fully set for our customer region
2->Since we are creating them to migrate - we could yes have access.