Do not update the changes in the browse

Greetings, I am currently starting in the vtex world, I am making my first steps in the development, but I have a problem. when I make any change in any file of the project it does not update the changes in the browser.

23:42:26:232 - U store\blocks\home\home.jsonc
23:42:27.382 - info: Link ID: xxxxxxxxxx
23:42:27.437 - info: Project size: 0.00MB
23:42:28.623 - info: Build accepted for at xxxxx/devdancap1 vtex.builder-hub@0.298.0
23:42:28.650 - info: Starting patch for app vtex.builder-hub@0.298.0
23:42:29.169 - info: App updated successfully vtex.builder-hub@0.298.0

Já tentou dar um unlink no seu app?

exemplo: vtex unlink --all

ou resetar a ws: vtex workspace reset

pode ser que voce esteja fora da ws, para visualizar sua ws rode o comando: vtex browse

Hi DanielHZ, as Erislandio said, it is important to try to reset the workspace or unlink some code that may already be linked.

If you already have the master running and created a new ws, it is important that you uninstall the template from within the new workspace you created.

To do this, you just need to make sure you are in the correct workspace.

**Be careful when using this process, always check that you are carrying out this within the WORKSPACE.


vtex use “dev” ← (workspace example)

and then:

vtex uninstall “imediata.theme-imediata@2.x” ← (here you will need to fill in according to the manifest: “”).

If you have doubts about your theme and version, go to your vtex admin, go to storefront/pages, enter a page and check which theme is installed.

You can access this vtex article if you need:

We hope we have helped.