Email send to the end user in any kind of form

How we can trigger an email send to the end user when any user fill any form and click submit, I have read one blog too which is shared by VTEX , in which they have explained like we have to create an trigger in this (VTEX - Master Data) , then we after that we will be able to send an email to any end user, but by this way, it is resulting me an error like “User 2867bcdb-1a34-4026-84b2-ca0b691f9588 does not have access to resource 1_Index_list” - as I have all the access with my account but still showing such, please help me to fix that.

As well as if anyone can have any other approach to do the same objective

, then please share , It will be really appreciated


Hi @mohitkumar ,

The VTEX platform offers a trigger solution that is attached to a document on a Data entity in Master Data - once the form is submitted, the data will be added to Master Data.

In regards to sending emails upon trigger, we do have a couple apps that offer this ability (Listrak, ActiveCampaign).

As for the error, it is difficult to give a solution just by the error message so I would recommend opening a ticket with our CX Support team to investigate with additional details of the error and behavior being experienced.