Empty email field

When using the following endpoint to get order data “/api/oms/pvt/orders/orderId”, the “email” field, from “clientProfileData” always returns something like “client-email@mail.com-2323766323709b.ct.vtex.com.br”, and it isnt the data we need. So, using it’s “document” field, from the same order data, we try to filter with this client endpoint “/api/dataentities/CL/search?document=XXXXXX&_fields=_all”, to try to get the clients email, but it doesn’t return any data.

So, my question is: How does a order is processed, without using any email, which is a required field to checkout an order, and without register any client?

Hi there!

It has been a long time, but I think you can can try to use the field userProfileId from the order in the query like this:
_fields=_all&_where=userId= userProfileId

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Hi Saito!

The problem is: in this cases, the field userProfileId is null. The thing I don’t understand is how does a client is not registered, when checking-out an order.

Here is the print:

I’ve found another record which one has a value for userProfileId, but it doesn’t returns anything as well.

Out of curiosity … Could you check the Clients “table” in the Master Data web interface? Is it empty?

I can’t Saito, I only have app key and app secret, to access data through API. It’s a problem we are facing with a client.