Error al tratar de hacer un VTEX RELEASE vía Github Actions

Estoy tratando de. hacer un vtex release pre beta vía github actions, sin embargo tengo este error:

18:20:45.854 - info: Old version: 0.0.2-beta.3
[9]18:20:45.857 - info: New version: 0.0.2-beta.4
[10]18:20:45.878 - info: Starting release…
[11](18:20:45.891 - info: > git status --porcelain
[12]error: Failed to release
[13]Error: Please commit your changes before proceeding.

Estoy usando VTEX Toolbelt Action.

Cuando lo realizo localmente no tengo problemas, el problema ocurre cuado se hace vía Github Actions.

Hello jcahuanam, this error usually occurs when you have uncommited changes into your project.
Maybe your pipeline is changing some files before you run the release command. In this case you will nedd to commit this changes before the release command.