Facebook Business Extension

My Facebook catalog does not integrate with VTEX, we have gone through the entire process and when we get to the connection it does not say that it cannot connect to my company page, so I want to know if something similar has happened to anyone and if they have found a solution.

Thank you

HI Karen (@Kvega90), welcome to the VTEX Community.

Can you send a screenshot or more details to help us understand your scenario?

So far I understand that the problem is getting the Facebook Business Extension app to connect with Facebook. That’s it, right?

Just to confirm, are you following this documentation to configure this integration?

We will need to find some more specific error message…

Hello, of course! This is the process I do

facebook conexión 1

How can you see, when I make the connection it gives me that yellow message… now I want to know if to carry out the process I need to have access to the Facebook fan page because if so I don’t have it, I only manage the business manager account

I hope you can help me as soon as possible


This is the vtex page to be able to make the connection with Facebook