Fields on a MasterData formula always return undefined

I’m trying to load data into an automatic field after document insertion. That data i’m trying to load on this new field is related to a field on the same document

I can simply hardcode the return statement and it saves the data properly


But whenever i try to return data that comes from another field, it returns undefined
The field i’m trying to refer to:


Am i doing something wrong? I’m using the syntax displayed on the MasterData v1 triggers documentation

Hello @emixd !
Would you mind sharing the CURL you are using to retrieve this information?

Hi! I’m not using any CURL or API to retrieve the data, i’m using the MasterData CRM which is:

Can you share the name of the account and send the document you’re testing so I can check :slight_smile:

Sorry for the delay! I was using a wrong syntax.

That syntax {!entityName.ACRONYM.field} is only for relationships. The correct syntax in order to use fields from the same document is just {!field}

Works properly now, thanks!

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