Get products price

I’m consuming VTEX API, and need to get some infos about the products, but didn’t find where to get theirs prices

This is the endpoint I’ve used, but didn’t find any price info:

Hi Guillermo,

there is a public API that may come in handy: Search Product offers (

This one is at product level. If you need, there is at SKU level as well: Search SKU offers (

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There is also this private API that retrieves SKU prices: Get Price (

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It works very well Eduardo, thanks, but, for some reason, there are a few productId’s that doesn’t works (HTTP 404).
I got the productId’s from “/api/catalog_system/pvt/products/GetProductAndSkuIds”, any clue about this one?

Is the 404 from the offers API? Are the products visible in the site?

Hey @Galmanza ! Do you have an example of product ID (and your accountname, please) in which you got this 404 response? :thinking:

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@Galmanza even if the product is available in the catalog, it doesn’t necessarily have a price.

In the pricing module, you must at least set the base price for a product before using the Get Price.

If possible, double-check in your admin panel if the products returning 404 have the base price.

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