Hello from Mapp - The Insight-Led Customer Experience Platform

We are excited to be part of the VTEX Community, so if you have any questions about our app or about how Mapp can help you enhance your customers’ experience, please get in touch.

Don’t settle for average marketing results - use Mapp Cloud!

Here is a quick platform introduction that I recently recorded:

As you can see in the video, there are over 25 dashboards available, each tailored to give you a certain type of insight.
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The RFM insight groups together your customers based on their buying patterns. Those who are buying more often, and most recently, as well as spending the most will be at one end of the scale, and those who used to spend a lot of money but have stopped buying will be at the other end.

Funnel Steps shows progression from the initial landing page through to conversion, giving a detailed breakdown of each day and the conversion rate to the next step. If you are looking to find where people might be dropping off in the buying process, this dashboard is for you.

Product Trends gives 8 lists of your products based on a common idea, for example your Rockstar Products which have the best view to purchase ratio. When you are looking for a product to manually promote these could be the best to use, as when people see them they have the highest chance of buying.

I just wanted to add how simple it is to set up the app.

Step 1: Locate the Mapp Cloud App by clicking here: https://apps.vtex.com/mapppartneruk-mapp-cloud/p
Step 2: Install by clicking the GET APP button in the top right hand corner and following the instructions
Step 3: Update the Tracking Configuration page with your Tagging ID and Domain
Step 4: Save the settings

Just as a reminder, for a limited time you can get 3 months free access to our insights platform.

This will get you access to all of the Customer Insights that we have on offer visualised in over 25 Pre-Built Dashboards.