Hi, i belong to a company which has a plugin that tracks activity in clients pages. Actually, we have a client who wants this plugin in their Vtex Site. Its a js script which needs to be added to de index page. Is there any way to do it?

Adicione via Google Tag Manager :)

Hi, another question. We also need to add a physical JS file in the website's root directory, is this posible?

Pelo Tag Manager Ă© possĂ­vel adicionar qualquer JS.

Se vocĂȘ precisa especificamente adicionar um arquivo js na raĂ­z(exemplo: domain.com/script.js nĂŁo Ă© possĂ­vel.

Todos os arquivos ficam sempre nessa estrutura: domain.com/arquivos/script.js ou domain.com/arquivos/style.css