How can I download current theme files?

I need to customize a theme that’s already created, so I want to download its files to my computer in order to start.

Already did:

  • Installed vtex CLI
  • Logged with my account
  • Created one new workspace

How can I download what’s on master workspace to my computer?

Hi @ren, unfortunately I believe that is not possible. If you don’t have access to the original code repository for the store theme, you will not be able to retrieve from our infrastructure.

That is because once an app is published, we only store the final bundle in our app registry, so that it can be installed in any VTEX account. The app registry, as such, is geared towards app distribution, not source code management or version control.

I found a CLI App called vtex-dev that solves for this, check it out:

Syntax for downloading a complete set of code for any themes:
vtex-dev app:bundle accountname.themename@versionnumber.x

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