How can I know if an account keeps their Catalog in sync using an API integration?

Dear community,
How can I know, without asking the client, if they upload the catalogue through an API?

As far as I’m aware, there is no straightforward way to know this.

If you have access to the VTEX account, you might try to infer that by checking if they have any recognizable appKey/appToken pair that might be associated to such integration in Account Settings > Account management > Account (/admin/license-manager/#/account-details). Usually there would be one Access key for each separate integration.

Otherwise, as a VTEX employee, you might have access to advanced logs that would give you further insight on how a specific account might be using our APIs. This is not public information, however, so you would need to reach out to the Product team to figure out how to do that.

Best way to go, in my opinion, is to ask for an overview of their operation and critical integrations.

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Thank you very much :raised_hands:

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