How can I notify Availability Subscribers that a product is back in stock?

What is being used? Is something close to the CMS version available?

We have the Availability Subscriber component available that should be working as the legacy CMS control, but unfortunately it currently has the following disclaimer:

This component only creates a list of the users that subscribe to this product. Currently it doesn’t send an automatic email to these users when the product becomes available. It only collects the emails of the users that show interest on the products.

Our product team is currently working on enhancing the “notify when back in stock” functionality, you should see this posted in our release notes as soon as it’s available.

It’s expected to make this a little easier for you: install the new app and it will create the message center templates, listen for inventory changes, send the emails, etc.

Meanwhile, you can try a workaround that was developed by our LATAM 1st party apps team:

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Thanks for the answer. Do you have the documentation from vtex.letmeknow?

According to Availability Subscriber docs, “Notification Send” is to control whether the notification has already been sent.

In this case, is vtex.letmeknow using this field to enable triggers and to set the value to true when the product is back on stock?

Unfortunately vtex.letmeknow is very recent, so no docs yet and the Github repo is still private. I had a look in the source code, however, and could confirm the app only sends notifications when notificationSend is false in the AS data entity of Master Data.

This is the snippet where I found this:

documents = await this.http.get(`/api/dataentities/AS/search?_fields=_all&notificationSend=false&skuId=${data.IdSku}`, {
            headers: {
               'VtexIdclientAutCookie': authCookie,
               'Cache-Control': 'no-cache',
               'Content-Type': 'application/json',
               'X-Vtex-Use-Https': true
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For now, besides receiving the email from the trigger, the way to know if vtex.letmeknow is working is to query the Data Entity?

These extra fields from the image are not being populated. Perhaps letmeknow is not working?

I think so, but I haven’t used it so far…

Maybe so… If it’s not working, the best we can do right now is wait for the new upcoming app to be announced. The workaround I gave you is all I have to offer for now, unfortunately!

Maybe I need to use a custom block exported by letmeknow. Do you have that information?

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I just edited my workaround answer to add a step I was missing: creating an affiliate so the app gets the catalog updates.

Hi @georgebrindeiro,
Do you know if this workaround works with a Marketplace model?

In this case, we know that the seller manages the inventory so…which account should have the set up (vtex.letmeknow app installed, the affiliate and the Data Entity), the Sellers or the Marketplace?

@IvanLopezLuna my guess would be the marketplace, because:

  • They manage the relationship with the customer
  • They get inventory updates from the seller

But I’m not 100% sure if the affiliate created in the marketplace will notify the search endpoint when there are inventory updates from the seller.

That’s something you can test by connecting an affiliate to a Zapier webhook that will then forward the content of the SKU notification to your email, Slack or a spreadsheet. Have one of your sellers update the stock of any product and see if you get a message. Is that something you can do?

We did the setup in Marketplace, but did not work.

To test the workaround we also set it up in a traditional environment but it is not working, as mentioned above, the additional information in the Data Entity is not being populated.

Is there any update about the vtex.letmeknow app?

It is a process that we have not carried out previously, do you have documentation on how we can do it please?