How can I properly make a store migration from Legacy CMS to VTEX IO (Store Framework)?

How do I properly migrate my current cms and native platform e-commerce to a vtex-io app ? when I create a workspace from the current e-commerce it gets the full version of it but don’t it don’t link with the current code I have, only if I run vtex install But this command deletes my home page and changes it to the default new app page from vtex framework, the “VTEX Store Framework” main page title. How I can solve it?

Hi @Marinho!

The best way to migrate your content if your current ecommerce is live is to create a production workspace and perform your changes and adjustments to it. In this workspace, you can install your main theme and other apps you need. Once it’s all set, you can promote it to master and your store will run with IO.

You can learn more about production workspaces here: Creating a Production workspace

Also, when the time comes to officialy migrate your store (like promoting this workspace to master), we have to configure your final URL domain to be able to receive the IO technology. So, just before, you need to open a support ticket to us asking for this configuration!

Feel free to ask any more questions!


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