How can i use VTEX payment API to make a purchase in my custom app

We are continuously looking for the possible solution of our problem, though we tried follow the api documentation from VTEX for transaction process and faced a new error on the way. Let us describe the flow what we did:

  1. Create a Gateway Affiliation on payment settings section for service “CCAvenue”, also mentioned the appKey and appToken for the same.

  2. Created a payment condition for CCAvenue with no special conditions.

  3. Called the API to create a new transaction “https://{accountName}”

  4. After receiving a newly created transaction Id , we called a API to send the payment information to VTEX i.e: “https://{accountName}{transactionId}/payments” Received (201 Response)

  5. The fourth and last step to create a new transaction, we called the API “https://{accountName}{transactionId}/authorization-request” , but here we got an error


    "error": {

        "code": "1403",

        "message": "Authorization is pending for payments with Ids = 5311514DB8A04446B2F787E14F021515. A new authorization execution is needed for these payments.",

        "exception": null



At this point , we are not sure how we can make a payment with CCavenue payment connector, also how we can solve this error.

IMPORTANT: In simple words, I want to make a payment using CCAvenue gateway affilation using vtex api, but API documentation is not useful. Also i am not using VTEX Client for my app store but created a custom react app which will call the VTEX rest api to do all actions (like “Get all products and sku from catalog”, “Get user/customer details”, “Add product to the cart”)

Hi there!

MAYBE there´re some fields missing.

Try to compare with this json

"paymentSystem": 4,
"paymentSystemName": "Mastercard",
"group": "creditCardPaymentGroup",
"installments": 1,
"installmentsValue": 699,
"value": 699,
"fields": {
    "holderName": "*****",
    "cardNumber": "***********03",
    "validationCode": "***",
    "dueDate": "*****",
    "addressId": "***************",
    "bin": "512269"
"transaction": {
    "id": "************",
    "merchantName": "*************"
"id": "*************",
"installmentValue": 699,
"currencyCode": "BRL"


EDIT: Try to check the steps described in this post.

Hi @Saito ,
Thanks for your response,
I am also using the same json object,also even getting 201 on this particular request, but getting error on next step of transaction. i.e: https://{accountName}{transactionId}/authorization-request

Secondly, thanks for the similar topic link. but my main objective is to implement payment gateway through CCAvenue gateway affiliation in my custom react app (not vtex store), so i just want to understand the payment flow and how payment window will open on my custom app.

Hello @Saito,

I am trying your approach but for below request unable to find document on vtex api docs.


looking for docs because know to more about request object of api.

could you please share api docs reference for request ?

@vishal Could you check if there´s any transaction created in the CCAvenue gateway? Even a failed one?

Hello @mohit.patel I just got a random example from the forum, so it´s not my approach.
Anyway, I found these 2 links that might help you with the “transaction API”