How do I connect from a 3rd party GraphQL client to VTEX GraphQL?

Hello I want to connect a 3rd party GraphQL client to VTEX ones, to execute queries and mutations, from another source not related and neither hosted from the same URL.

You can try using the example provided by VTEX: GitHub - vtex-apps/graphql-example: A reference app implementing a VTEX IO service with GraphQL resolvers

for that you need to create an external client to make the queries you need.

@Erislandio sorry, I probably made my point a little bit confusing, but what I’m trying to do is to use the VTEX GraphQL outside of the VTEX ecosystem.

Which graphql service do you want to use?

can’t you just use graphql/apollo-grpahql components? or do you have to do some integration with some external service?

No, you have to connect to a URL and use the desired Auth from a GraphQL backend to connect to a third-party client. I’ve been looking at the implementation VTEX did on the Faststore project, but I’m putting this task on hold for now. But thanks! :slight_smile: