How to add images to each sku in batch format? 7,800 Images

Good morning!, We are at the beginning of the registration part of our project already with VTEX IO and the agency has given us the options for importing images via spreadsheet or html.
But since we have 2600 SKUs, 3 images each gives a total of 7800 images to add manually.
Can anyone indicate a more practical way to add the images? Thanks!

Hi @Thiago4591, have you considered using the Google Drive Import app? If your images are not currently stored in an ERP or PIM, it could be a good way to manage bulk image imports:

Nice! @georgebrindeiro , And how the app will link each name of image vs sku code?
Because it’s a large number of images.

I believe it should be encoded in the image name, from what I saw in the screenshot in the App Store page.

So you might have some work to do in renaming images, but once it’s done you’re good to go.

You can probably leverage Google Apps Script for some of the repetitive tasks. But if you have a large collection of images and they’re not organized in any way, it will be a lot of work regardless.

Thank’s for the help Gerorge!. I hope this tool help us to make this part easier. :ok_hand:t3:

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