How to become a VTEX Expert (Certification)

Please let me now how to become a VTEX Expert

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I sent a direct message on slack for you explaining how to become a VTEX expert.

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Could you please provide me the same info?


Hello Xime,

Of course! I just need some information. Where are you from and whats your email?


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Thanks for the quick reply , I'm from Colombia and my email is xtamayob @ gmail.



Hello Xime, Can you please send me the info?

My Email is



hola Gabriela, estoy buscando más información a parte del curso oficial para la certificación técnica, ¿Sabes donde podría encontrar esa información?

@Xime T​ como funciona esa certificación? Ud la pudo hacer? @Gabriela Widmer​ Hi, have interest in the information too. May you, please, send it to me? My Email: Thanks.

Hello everyone! There's more information about the certification and partner program here:


In this webpage there is also a form that you can contact us.

Hi, Gabriela. How do you do?

Could you please send me the information to, please? I am from Bolivia.

Thank you very much in advance.

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Hello @Gabriela Widmer​

I can't found the steps to become a vtex certificated agency on

Could you please send me the information to my email We are from Argentina and are interested to offer VTEX implemetations and support. Thanks

Saludos me podrian compartir los pasos que tengo que seguir para certificarme en VTEX

Hi, I'm Julio Castañeda and I'm from Colombia my email

Hello Gabriela,

Its Luciana from Argentina here! Im using vtex and i want to become an expert. Could you send me the information? My email is
If you don’t have text in spanish i can read them in english or portuguese.