How to change styles for print order pdf

How to change CSS styles of print order PDF file?

Hi @v.topalo

Can you provide more information about your request? Where can I find the “print order PDF file”? Could you send an image or screenshot to make it clearer?

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Hi @abdom_santos

It is on the order success page. It appears when you place order.

“Print” button on screeen

Thaks @v.topalo

So you want to change the style of the “print” button, right?

In the “vtex.order-placed.css” file, you can change the style of this button. This code should work for you:

.section :global(.vtex-button__label){

  • style to change the button label


.section :global(.vtex-button){

  • style to change the button


I hope this helps.

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Hi @abdom_santos
Thank you for your response and your time.

I need to change the styles of the PDF file that is generated when I click the “Print” button. Because now it’s empty.

Here is a screenshot

Thank you for any help you can provide.