How to delete specific Product from our catalog

Is there any wayout by which we can delete certain/specific product/SKU from our catalog. I didn`t find any of the API for the same.
I found an option in the Admin , this
delete ,

but its not working, neither it is deleting the product nor giving any Error.

Bom dia, não é possível excluir produtos específicos, somente o catálogo inteiro!

Please check this article. Basically you have two options: 1) Inactivate this product, or as @huandersonmachado suggested, 2) execute a catalog cleanup, deleting the entire product base.

hey thanks for your response @eduardo @huandersonmachado , that I understood, I just wanted to check if by some way we can delete specific product permanently. Ultimately that is not possible, correct ?

I only could do it in very rare occasions. For instance, when the instance was brand new, and there was no other related data (attributes, orders, etc). In general, I’d say that unfortunately it’s not possible.

Got it @eduardo , Thanks for sharing the information. I just wanted to double check with the community.

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