How to install and then update my custom app for all sellers

Hello everyone)

I have created an admin app and have to install it for over 50 sellers’ accounts.

So what I do now is:
I log in to each account, and change the vendor name in manifest.json to the name of the seller account on which I’m currently logged in.
Then I use CLI commands -
vtex publish
vtex install my-seller.custom-app@version

I have to do this for every seller every time I have some changes in my app. Is there a way to deploy them in bulk? All my sellers only create products, they don’t have their front end but they need one admin custom app. Is there a way to solve my problem? Or maybe I just do something wrong)

Thanks for any help)

Hi @v.topalo,

I recommend that you take a look at the documentation about the Edition App and also how to become a sponsor account.

After this process, whenever new releases of your app are generated, they will be automatically installed on all accounts.


Hello @v.topalo,
You can have only one app installed across multiple accounts/sellers without the need to change its Vendor. Once you have the same app with the same vendor installed in all these sellers, if you develop a new feature or bugfix and want to update it in all installed accounts, you can simply use the following command: “vtex deploy {appvendor}.{appname}@{appversion}”. This command will update the version across all accounts that have this app installed. For more information, you can refer to the following links:

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