How to link a subaccount to a single sales channel in VTEX IO?

When we create new subaccounts in license manager, the form asks for a sales channels.

We have created a new subaccount and added SC number to 3 when creating it.

But it does not make any difference.

When we install a store theme in this subaccount, we see products from SC 1. Also, when checking session, it shows SC 1.

The only information available in VTEX for linking websites and sales channel still refers to an old CMS LEGACY dashboard:

Any help on how to do this in VTEX IO?

We want to a subaccount be accessible only in one specific SC.


Hi @afs2024

I checked some other cases of accounts that had different websites for different subaccounts and, even when in VTEX IO, they had set up things as per that tutorial and it worked as expected.

Did you try following that tutorial already? If so, did you see any errors?

Eduardo Luciano
Field Software Engineer | VTEX

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hi @eduardo.luciano

Following the tutorial did the trick. Now the website is on SC 3.

So, even for VTEX IO, it is necessary to still configure site biding in legacy portal (admin/a) in sites and channels.

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