How to scroll on products

I´d like to fetch all products via API
I can´t use paginated search products directly because when _from is bigger than 2500, VTEX won´t let me do the request.
Instead I fetch paginated ids (no 2500 limit here) and, for each bunch of paginated ids, I do a search of products containing those ids.
But then again, if I try to get more than 9 products in each page, I get a 206 response, which I don´t know what to do with.
So I’m stuck with pages of 9 products which is way too slow for a catalog of 8000 products to iterate

Is there a better solution???

Hey Joe! :wave:

Hmm… you want to fetch all available products showing on the store or would it suffice to get your entire catalog, regardless of them being shown?

If its the latter, wouldn’t a simple GET product, along with an API runner, be a solution?

You could export a catalog sheet to get the entire list of IDs you have, and then iterate over a runner to fetch all of your products.

Would that be a solution for you? :slight_smile:


Hi @zerebelo .
Is there a way to scroll all products from a third party merchant without having APIkey and Token?

Unfortunately, there isn’t :confused:

The token and key are absolutely necessary for security concerns