How to store session token with my custom API?

Hey everyone!

I’m working on the implementation of my own API to my VTEX App using GraphQL, and so far I managed to connect everything and it works, but I need to login into my services to be able to access to my data and I’m a little stuck with that because I can’t find a way to store my session token (which is not the same as the VTEX session token) in node so I can be able to use the rest of the queries I need in GraphQL. Is there anything like a local storage or something I can use in the Node side of the app? I’m having a hard time trying to find some info about this specific topic.

Hi, Matias!

There isn’t a way to store data locally in VTEX IO Node.js applications.

Usually when there is the need to store information between executions we recommend using one of our storage solutions in Masterdata or VBase.

Here is the public doc for Masterdata. I think we don’t have a public documentation for VBase yet, but it is one of the native client implementations in IO and you can access it through the Service Context. You can use the client’s code in Github for reference.