How to sync all SKUs with an external service?

Hi everyone,

I'm building an integration for DataCue, an advanced recommendation engine. When adding a new VTEX store, I need to import all relevant product data:

  • product ID and SKU ID
  • name
  • brand
  • categories
  • current price and list price
  • stock levels and availability
  • photo and product page URLs

Currently I'm using the search API for that, however it has a limit of 2500 products and frequently randomly duplicates items while paginating (e.g. `_from=30&_to=39` can return the same list as `_from=10&_to=19`).

Is there any other endpoint (can be a private API) for listing all SKUs with the above details included?

Also, is it possible to set up some hooks to get notified about changes in the catalog, or to retrieve a list of SKUs modified since a given date?

I’m looking for something like this. Let me know if you need a company to test it out the beta!

Just realized your post was 2 years ago, did you ever figure it out?